Zora Skates is rebranding to Chasma Skates!

This will only be a brand name/logo update and won't impact the quality of our products or customer service. There will be some minor visual tweaks to our wheel designs in order to update the brand name and logo once the name change is official. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

About Us

Chasma Skates is a premium skate brand offering inline skate wheels and accessories. We were founded on the idea that a customer should not have to choose between form and function. We believe that our products should delight you in the way they look and feel as well as the way they perform.


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FLUX 2 80mm 85A Inline Skate Wheels

8 Pack with Bearings

Whether you are an urban street skating fan, upgrading your roller hockey skate wheels, skating for fitness, or just dusting off your inline skates for recreation, FLUX wheels have got you covered!

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FLUX 2 76mm 85A Ripstik Wheels

2 Pack with Bearings

If you ride your caster board to work, school, or the skate park, these FLUX replacement wheels are the perfect fit!

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FLUX 2 80mm 85A Inline Skate Wheels

8 Pack

These 80 millimeter wheels fit most inline skates, and also work with RipStik caster boards or roller hockey skates.

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Contact Us

Email us at info@zoraskates.com